Unanswered questions




What… did I get myself into?


If I knew that it would have started with a simple glance

Would I risk it now? Would I take that chance?

Your smile triggered a chain reaction

A whirlpool of feelings, emotional satisfaction


Yet these are the ones that I’ve come to hate

It seems like they came just a little too late

Don’t be surprised by the little child’s frown

The hate filled reply ‘Why can’t I have it? I waited so long’


Although by our words we can say it no longer

When words fly away, actions speak louder

I try to not be the one who’s left holding on

‘Cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even’


Yet you understand it all, the thoughts in my head

Isn’t it funny how what’s worth the most are the things left unsaid

I’ll rather spend forever with you being silent by intention

Than listen to forced and fabricated verses of your affection


So what’s left?


A bittersweet memory

An unpublished fairy tale

A saddened heart

A dream in flight

..False hope


And in that letter I wrote to you saying:

‘I stepped onto the bridge of love to reach you but it collapsed beneath my feet

Unable to sustain the weight brought on by my inability to love you

While loving you at the same time

And from the other side you watched silently

Unable to lend the hand that I was painfully longing to hold’


And as much as it may seem

It can never suffice to express all that I feel

But I know that in my heart what I feel you feel as well

Even though you make it so at times I can’t quite tell

But if it’s one thing that always gets me through

Is knowing that with love there can never be a me without you


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Warren Mc Kain
    Jun 29, 2015 @ 18:54:09

    Wow. Questions unanswered are actually a pain. That’s y I like to ask them lol. Love it


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