Grocery woes…. *double take*


So of course, constantly being on the lookout for new material for my Photo Opinion section I found these two pictures quite interesting. Firstly, I’m not so sure if the label for the image on top is a simple case of laziness *cough* I mean an oversight in changing labels or if groceries are now offering suggestions of items that can be used with your purchases. We all know a good seasoning chicken session must include some lime (among other things) emphasis on OTHER THINGS included because the way some people ‘season’ chicken in other countries God bless their soul for their ignorance hahahah. To be fair….to each his own and let’s get back to the topic.

For those who can’t see it clearly enough it says ‘Lemon and Lime juice’. In either case, it’s quite clear that this isn’t nor will ever be what it claims to be from the looks of this label. This brings me to my next point. Hmmm…so is it that lemon juice was on sale and lime juice was on sale separately, was it one bottle of juice which contained both lemon and lime juice or does this grocery just have some work to do on it’s labelling techniques? …not to mention the need for updating the aforementioned. I think I’d go with the latter.

Secondly, DON’T you dare dictate my ice-cream choosing pace.  Putting it politely won’t make it seem any less like a command, bout ‘Please make selection before opening’. Alright, alright let’s not beat around the bush here, allow me to paraphrase this into some good Trini dialect.

“Allyuh who like tuh stand up long long and stare before allyuh choose which ice-cream flavour yuh buying, meanwhile all the ‘cold breeze’ coming out and it does take up more current to cool all that hot air that going in. So try allyuh bes n know what you want before yuh open the door so the process cud be faster.”

I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

I’m not condoning the ‘stare into the refrigerator like there’s no tomorrow’ mentality but let’s consider a few elements that allow for some extra time to be taken. It is clear that I can’t even see what flavours are available before I open the freezer so ease mih up while I browse what’s there before choosing. Also, if I do know what flavour I want but it’s not in the first ones I see, I WILL dig until I find it. Ice-cream is the ultimate comfort food so its purpose is best fulfilled when it”s the flavour that one craves or loves specifically. Well these are the grocery woes that really caused me to do a double take lol.

DISCLAIMER: All joke aside I imagine that it takes a lot of work to successfully run a supermarket and you can’t be on top of everything at every moment which is why I’m not calling the names of either grocery. This is solely to fulfill the mission of my blog and provide a bit of comic relief. Hope you enjoy my opinions and I’d try to keep them coming more regularly.


What are your views on this?

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